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In The Company of Newfies by Rhoda Lerman


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In the Company of Newfies is a visionary book filled with stunning insights that teach us much about the profound bond between human and dog, about the almost limitless possibilities in our relations.  Refusing to limit herself to standard animal-behavior explanations (sex and food, fight or flight), Lerman examines the actions of her dogs from a less deterministic point of view, always seeking to understand and to communicate with them.  Under her gaze, actions that seemed puzzling, eccentric, or delinquent suddenly become understandable as intentional and meaningful attempts to behave and to bond.  Lermanís observations and meditations startle us, revealing dog thinking and behavior in new and wonderful ways. Reading her book, it is hard to deny her belief that dogs want to commune with people, want to leave their feral selves and join our human community.  

This is a book for anyone who has ever loved a dog, for anyone who has ever lost a dog, for anyone who has ever felt the electric shock that comes with recognizing the humanity of dogs, for anyone who has appreciated just what a dog voluntarily gives up in crossing the wilderness to join us in our human condition.


Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that there is no other animal as loyal, as affectionate, as playful, as trusting, or at times, as peculiarly human, as a dog.  Far beyond a mere study of animal behavior, In the Company of Newfies reveals to us the intimate bond that comes from living closely with dogs and how they inescapably become a part of our very beings.  

Keenly observant and deeply intuitive, Rhoda Lerman here recounts a year in the life of one litter and in the lives of the rest of the dog family.  It is a year of many victories and some losses, and it is through both that you will experience the full sweep of the emotions dogs and humans share.  By bookís end, you will have laughed at the antics of the irrepressible Toby; admired the quiet strength and intelligence of the mother, Molly; delighted in the growing maturity of the pups Rosie and Silky; cheered as Ishtar takes her first championship ribbon; and wept for the death of noble Ben.  You will have learned a great deal about dogs.  You will have learned even more about love.  Perhaps only a novelist of Rhoda Lermanís skill and sensitivity could have ranged so freely to tell us so much.

After you read this book, your relationship with your dog will never be the same.  This classic book has changed the minds and opened the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.  Open your mind and know your dog as youíve never known him before.  This heartwarming and enduring story will take you on a journey into the soul of your own dog.  Take the journey.  Take it with someone you love, either dog or human, and bring a box of tissues.   

Description l Excerpt l Publisher's Note l Critic Reviews l Reader Reviews

For more information, contact:
Robert Lerman
607 648-6199